Adventure Van Build

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In the beginning…


We spent the first few days stripping the van down to the bare skeleton to see exactly what we were working with. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0709.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0713.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0718.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0716.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0711.


Little did we know when we first bought Echo that underneath the floor mat was a rusty, holey mess. It was definitely an unforeseen problem that would need to be fixed before we could move forward with the build. Lots of sanding and scrapping followed by applying Rust Encapsulator to the whole floor led to a nice hole free van!.



We then made a template out of the old floor mat use when cutting out our sub floor. (If you haven’t noticed yet, Jango is the foreman for all jobs done on the van.)image




After we installed the insulation and sub floor, we installed our laminate wood floor and it all started to come together!



After installing the insulation on the walls and ceilings, we added framing that the walls would later attach to.


We added a cargo rack to the roof to make mounting our Goal Zero solar panels much easier.image

Before we were able to put up the walls and ceilings we had to run 2×4 down the length of the van in order to give our sheets of plywood something to connect to.image

I attempted to do the whole driver side by myself when Matt was at work one day. Needless to say I only got this far before throwing in the towel and waiting for him to come home. However, I am very happy with myself for at least cutting a semi decent partial wall and hanging it all by myself, even if it’s not totally perfect. 🙂IMG_7936


After debating between going with a wood ceiling or doing a tapestry, we went with the tapestry and I couldn’t be more pleased. We attached the tapestry with spray adhesive and staples to masonite that we cut to fit the van, then screwed it in place using the existing 2×4 we had running across the ceiling.IMG_8033

Our “Fan-tastic Van” is pretty awesome! We uploaded a video of us installing it on our YouTube channel.IMG_8004IMG_8018

We wanted our walls to look more rustic and driftwood-ish, so we stained our birch wood with a driftwood stain.image

These doors were silver, ugly and had no covers on them, leaving giant holes and wires sticking out everywhere. I cut pieces of our left over birch would to make panels to tie them in with the interior walls, as well as painted to the rest to hide all the imperfections the doors have.IMG_8034