Here’s a little video documenting our trip!

Matthew and I planned on spending 10 days exploring southern Utah in May of 2015. We had originally intended on going to all 5 national parks, however due to some crazy cold, snowy nights we ended up taking a detour and driving farther south into Arizona. We started our trip in Las Vegas (see a trend here) and spent an afternoon in the cold, windy Colorado River kayaking. Even in the overcast skies it was amazing.


We headed into a very cold and very rainy Zion National Park and couldn’t believe the beauty of it! We met a couple from London who were doing a cross country trip for their honeymoon (who we would later reconnect with before flying home in Vegas) and shared wine and stories around our fire that night and then shivered to death while we slept.

Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Angels Landing, Zion National Park

We ended up nixing most of the parks in Utah besides Arches due to the weather and hung out in Arizona for a few days. My favorite thing about not having set plans while traveling is going places you never even thought to go. We happened to stumble upon “Best Friends” animal sanctuary and made a pit stop there. I HIGHLY recommend going there if you are ever in southern Utah and have a few hours to kill. Amazing tour of the facility and a delicious vegan meal for $5! Not too shabby when you’ve been eating dehydrated food out of a bag for a few days.


The rest of out trip was spent hiking, laughing, lots of miles on our rental Tacoma, climbing in Red Rock Canyon with my cousins and a spooky night spent in the desert.


Antelope Canyon; Page, Arizona


Antelope Canyon; Page, Arizona


Rt. 66 Arizona


Rt. 66 Oatman, Arizona


Grand Canyon, Arizona



Arches National Park Moab, Utah


Horseshoe Bend; Page, Arizona


Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


A very hungry Anella ate us out of all our snacks!


Our lovely new friends Peter and Ruth


Length of trip: 10 days

Plane tickets: $375 round trip each

Rental Car: $350 (only that high because Matt HAD to have a truck)

Food/gas/etc.: roughly $400 (high fees to enter Antelope Canyon and a night in Vegas)

Park fee’s: $80 for annual pass

Hauling tail out of the desert because you thought you saw an alien: Priceless