Goodbye, 2018.

If I said 2018 wasn’t one of the strangest years of my life, I would be lying. I’m not really sure how to even put this year into words. There have been some absolutely incredible moments this year, and, there have also been some absolutely horrible moments as well this year. If I were to put every day of this year into one giant group, it would be so very easy to zoom in and pick out the worst of the worst. Or even just the not so great days. Because there have been many of those days this year. I can get so caught up in focusing in on the bad, that it makes it almost impossible to see the good sometimes. But if I start to zoom out, and start refocusing on this year as a whole, I can see that for all the bad days there have been amazing days as well.

This year has been full of self reflection, learning, and trying to grow. I’ve learned that as much as I try to control my situations and surroundings I’m in, I can only ever truly control the way I react to them. We have absolutely no way to control the obstacles that this life continually throws at us, but we can control how and when we respond to them. I’ve let go of relationships that no longer serve me, as well as cultivated and worked on relationships that bring my life happiness. I’ve watched as people I cared about navigated their way through some of the darkest times of their lives, as well as celebrated people that I love making their biggest hopes and dreams a reality. I’ve set intentions, lost sight of them and had to start over. I’ve set goals, followed through, and accomplished them. I’ve been at the top of the mountain, and at the bottom of everything.

As I’m sitting here on the cold hard wood floor in my favorite spot in my house, I can truly say how thankful I am for every single thing that has happened this year. The good and the bad. The gut wrenching and the heart warming. I hope that this coming year brings a new set of intentions that keep me going down the path that I want to be on. I hope relationships, both new and old, continue to strengthen and grow. I am excited to leave my 20’s behind (as fun as they were) and start the adventure of being 30. I hope that anyone that may be reading this that may have had a bad year knows they don’t have to have a bad life, and that you can change the direction of your path any time you come across an obstacle in your way. Find what brings you joy and satisfaction, and continue to grow.

Cheers to an (almost) new year!