Long time no… post? I had so many plans to update this thing on a regular basis, but life happens. Instead I have half filled journals, notebooks, and scrap pieces of paper scattered throughout my house and salon whenever I feel like I need to get my thoughts out. Why do I find it so hard to log on and post on here? I think some of it has to do with what this blog started out as and where I am in my life at this current moment. I started a blog to initially talk about our van. Then we sold our van. Then I wrote about trips and traveling. Until I realized we tend to travel to the same places/do the same types of things on our travels so it makes coming up with new content seem very forced. And that’s just no fun. So here I am now. Just a girl with a Word Press domain wondering where to take this thing.

One thing I’ve been pondering quite a bit lately (especially since we just got back from warm and sunny California) is where I want to be. Matt and I talk so much about moving to the west coast. I’m talking discuss into the ground, beating a dead horse kind of talks. But in all honesty, I strangely love living in Ohio. I love seasons. I love that my family is here. Mostly I love that we can live so cheaply in our little brick ranch that we can afford to travel as much as we want pretty frequently. But then I think about Colorado. Or California. Or Utah. And how it physically hurts my soul every time we sit down in our seats on a Southwest flight and start flying back east. Back home.

But what is home? Is it a physical structure? Your safe place? Somewhere that you know you can always go when the going gets tough? If taking off on a runway in Denver or driving away from a random little town in the middle of nowhere Utah can make me feel so sad, maybe that’s because I feel like I’m home. Maybe home isn’t an exact place. Maybe it’s just an overwhelming feeling of knowing where you are in the moment is exactly where you’re supposed to be with the person or people you’re with. Maybe home really is where you make it.

To any of my family and friends or more realistically the many clients of mine that have threatened me to never move away (you know who you are) I don’t think our home will change anytime soon. But one day, I think the call of the mountains and deserts and alpine lakes and giant sequoias will take over and our home may be a little farther west.

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