Life Is Strange.

There is something so inviting and familiar about a warm day in the middle of winter. Those days that get up into the 60’s and allow you to open the windows in your house and feel the cool breeze sweep from room to room. Those days are my favorite days of the year. I can close my eyes and put myself in every house or apartment I’ve ever lived in and know exactly what smells and sounds are accompanied with that house on days like yesterday. The sounds of blinds gently moving and hitting the windowpane, the smell of laundry and lavender vanilla candles and a faint sound of baseball coming through a radio. Yesterday I sat in my favorite room in our home and let that breeze sweep over me. I reflected a lot about these last few months and dreamed about these next few months. I think yesterday’s weather was something that my soul so desperatly needed.

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I wish I could say I’ve been too busy climbing mountains or vanning it across the country to sit down and write. In reality I’ve just been stuck in a strange place. Not a bad place, just… strange. I guess I had forgotten just how easy it is for me to become emotionless until recently. I’m not sure if that is normal for everyone or if that’s just a thing I can fade in and out of from time to time, like a bad magic trick. “And for my next trick I will feel absolutely nothing for the next 87 days!” I guess everyone has their own ways of describing it. Winter time blues, seasonal depression, or just general discontent with this time of year. Oddly enough this winter hasn’t even been the worst for me, yet I’m still left feeling strange. But yesterday.. Yesterday was different. Yesterday I stood barefoot in the grass and let the sun warm my skin and everything was different. It’s like the magician said the magic words and I was back.

When I sat down at my computer I wasn’t even sure what or why I was writing. I know this isn’t the usual outdoorsy type post, but I suppose it was just something that needed to come out. I guess if you’re still reading this and find yourself feeling strange or stuck, look for those little moments that bring you warmth not only on the surface, but deep down in your soul. Close your eyes and put yourself in that old house that smelled of clean cotton and scented candles. Dig deep inside and find what brings you hope and joy. Know that the strangeness that you feel can and will disappear just as quickly as it came on.