When It Rains, It Pours…

Sometimes even quite literally. I would be lying if I said that I expected everything to go smoothly up until we leave next week for our maiden voyage. However what I wasn’t expecting was to open the door to the van today and see my beautiful tapestry ceiling bowed and full of water, dripping onto our new bed. I’m not sure if anyone in the Miami Valley noticed or not, but it’s been a constant downpour all day. We quickly knew we needed to cover the top of the van and get to work. Matt hopped in the van to move her closer to the garage only to hear a single “click.” Dead battery. Leaking ceiling. Downpour. The perfect trifecta for a real Sunday Funday!  After jumping Echo we got to work making a make shift shelter to keep the rain mostly off of us and totally off the van since we had to pull the fan out of the ceiling. As of now everything is re-caulked and drying. Fingers crossed once its dry we can salvage our tapestry ceiling.



As much as it sucks, I am just incredibly thankful it happened in our driveway where we have the means to fix it and not somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I always find it humorous whenever things don’t go as planned that one of us becomes this uber positive/everything will be fine person while the other turns into a not so fun/stressball of a human. We’re good at taking turns being these people and luckily we don’t typically both become the latter at the same time or we’d never get anything accomplished. But I suppose that’s what being a team is all about.

Only 10 more days til we hit the road. A short stop in Colorado for a quick over night backpacking trip and some hangs with some great friends and then we will be off to Wyoming. I am putting every bit of positive thought into obtaining a walk up permit once we get to Grand Teton National Park so that we can knock out the 40-ish mile Teton Crest Trail while we are there. If we end up getting a permit it’ll be my first time backpacking in an area with grizzly bears and that is weirdly exciting to me! (Sorry mom) But if luck isn’t on our side, we will still have an amazing time taking in the Tetons with some awesome day hikes.

Now it’s back to getting Echo stitched back up.


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