The countdown begins.

I cannot believe we are leaving in less than a month for Echo’s maiden voyage out west. The past month we have slacked off tremendously with getting all the little things finished on the van and it’s definitely coming back to bite us. We don’t have a lot left to do, but we also don’t have many days off before we leave to get everything finished. Hopefully we can knock everything out on our 3 days off this coming weekend.

If anyone has taken a look at the page in the last week, you probably have seen our “Store” link on our menu. Anyone that knows Matt and I know we are always scheming on new side hustles (how else do you think we can travel as much as we do) and our new endeavor is On To The Next Adventure merch! We are starting small with just a single t-shirt design and sticker and  seeing where that takes us. We are hoping to have these in the store and ready sell within the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! A huge thanks is in order to my awesome sister for hooking us up with some cool branding and designs and Insignia print shop in Dayton for helping take our ideas and make them a reality!

For anyone wanting a sneak peak at one of our upcoming t-shirt designs, here it is! IMG_8265.jpg

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see how you can win some free merch in the coming weeks!


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