It’s been a sh*tty week, literally.

First off, Happy 4th of July everyone!

We wanted to take this long weekend and spend it camping and climbing, but the weather had different plans. We did get to take Echo out on our first overnight Saturday, and it was great! (minus a few hiccups) Even though the van isn’t totally done, we wanted to do this overnight to get an idea of what we needed to change/add/fix before we got all the way complete. And thank god we did.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a dog make a high-pitched whistle/cry for 6 hours straight because they can see another dog laying outside of its owners tent all night, but if  haven’t let me go on record and say I love my dog more than anything, but I wasn’t thinking very nice things about him that night. We now know we need to find a way to completely block off the front of the van so Jango can’t sit in the passenger window and sing the song of his people all night long.

And speaking of Jango, I’m pretty much convinced we need to rig up a water tank and portable shower just for him. Rewind to the beginning of last week. Jango rolled in skunk poop not once, not twice, but three times in our backyard over the course of three days. Let me also add that he HATES getting bathed. It’s everything Matt and I can do to keep him inside the tub. While we were climbing on Saturday evening, Jango was behind me in the brush wandering around like normal. When I turn around I see him rolling in what I assume was more skunk/raccoon/animal poop. No. Even better. Human feces. Real life human sh*t. His collar, harness, leash all covered. After the mile and a half walk back to the parking lot with people looking at us like the smell is coming from one of us, we were so stoked when we remembered there is a water spigot at the trail head and we just happened to have our camp soap in our climbing bag. Cleaning animal poop off your dog is one thing, but cleaning off human poop is a whole other level of disgusting, rancid, gag worthiness that I hope no one ever has to take part in. And to really top it off, we get to our campsite and someone decided to use a red solo cup as a toliet and leave it in our fire ring. There was not enough beer in our cooler that night…. Moral of the story, we need a shower.

Other than that, everything was great during our first night out in Echo. We are just 7 weeks away from our two week trip out west. The only things we have left to do is minor repairs under the hood, new tires, and building a cabinent for more storage/cook space. Oh and finding a place for a water tank. And finding a way to block Jango from the front of the van….

New photos are up of Echo’s progress under the Adventure Van page, so be sure to check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s been a sh*tty week, literally.

  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs. You have a gift for writing. I really related to your airport blog. But Jango made me laugh out loud. Sorry you had to go thru that and thanks for sharing!


    • I love that you’ve enjoyed my blog posts, and I’m sure there will be more “lol” posts about our crazy dog Jango. Thanks so much for reading!


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