Airports, a love story.

There is something oddly comforting to me about being in an airport. I think it stems from the amount of time I spent waiting in airports for my dad as a kid. Back in the days when you could walk through a single metal detector, walk through an airport without a boarding pass and greet your loved ones as they exited their plane. It was such a normal routine for us to drop him off and pick him up from his work trips that it became my favorite nights of the week. I’d load my self down with change I found around the house and wear my Beauty and the Beast giant metal hair clip just so the metal detector would go off and the TSA officers would have to use their scanners on me. Why my mom let me do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. is beyond me, but I’m sure it had something to do with keeping me entertained and happy which in turn kept her sane.

You get to see humanity at its best and its worst in airports. The stressed out mom trying to hold it together with her 3 kids running and screaming through concourse A, the business man who has zero tolerance or patience for the above mentioned kids getting in his way, people so excited to be reuniting with a loved one and on the other side of the coin, people going to say goodbye to a loved one one ┬álast time. If you really just sit back and take it all in, really take it in, you get a small glimpse into the lives of everyone around you. How often do you get the chance to sit for 2+ hours waiting on your connecting flight and just observe? There is literally nowhere you have to be and nothing else to do, but observe your surroundings. It is by far my favorite thing, next to the actual trip I’m embarking on, about traveling.

In a few short hours we will be touching down in Sin City, to celebrate me turning 27 (inching closer and closer to 30) and to spend the next 5 days climbing in the desert and soaking up the sun like the sun worshiper that I am. I dropped enough hints to Matt about taking me to see Absinthe that he finally got tickets and I cannot wait to finally see a show while we are in town. I’m sure I’ll have another post up soon with pictures and videos of this adventure, but in the meantime it’s back to my favorite past time, people watching.