Echo has a floor.

It’s been awhile since I last updated this page, mainly because it’s been winter time in Ohio which means there isn’t a whole lot going on. And standing in an Uninsulated metal box trying to work is not fun, at all. However we have tried to capitalize on some of the nicer days we’ve had lately and get a good amount of body work and building done on Echo. Thanks to our good friend Murph we can officially stand in the cargo area and not worry about potentially falling through the patches of rust. And we are no longer in danger of having our windshield fall in on us. We spent our last 3 days off work laying insulation, installing a sub floor and finally laying down our laminate. I have to say, I’m in love with the floor. I told Matt once this is all done I want the same color laminate throughout our house (he either didn’t hear me or was just ignoring the fact that I just contracted him to do yet another project).



We just got done ordering our Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator that should be getting delivered to REI for pickup the beginning on next week! We went back and forth on getting the 1250 vs the 400, but with the hefty dividend we got back this year from REI we figured we would put all that money towards it go with the 1250 (even though I’m just a little sad I can’t blow it all on 20 pairs of new Chacos). Once that gets here we will then be able to get our wiring done and start framing out and installing our walls.

We we also ordered our mattress today for the platform bed we are building. We still aren’t 100% with the plans for that just yet, but we have plenty of time.

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